Good, quality sleep is vital to our mental and physical health but for many it can be elusive in the midst of our busy lives.


 The National Sleep Foundation found that 20-35% of Australians have disrupted and/or inadequate sleep, daytime fatigue, excessive sleepiness and irritability.   With half due to diagnosed sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnoea, the rest are primarily due to poor sleep habits and limited sleep due to lifestyle and other commitments.


Our ability to sleep is related to a range of factors including daily stress, relationship and workplace concerns, medication, trauma, alcohol and drug use and health issues.


But as they  finish their day, looking forward to a good, re-energising night's sleep, thoughts about the day and upcoming events loom large.  And, for many, the bed - that sanctuary from the world - is the opposite as they worry about their inability to sleep and the cumulative effect of lack of sleep.


 The bed becomes a psychological battleground.   


But it doesn't have to be.  Better sleep is achievable.  Imagine going to bed and having a good night's sleep and being energised for the day to come.


Sleep Coach Australia's team of registered psychologists work with a range of clients including senior executives, professionals, emergency services workers and any one who looking for a good night's sleep.

Why is a good night's 
 sleep essential?  



the cost of a poor night's sleep            

Where do you sit on               the sleep scale?  
good sleep, poor sleep, better sleep
Why not just read a book on sleep to get better sleep?


daytime fatigue

understanding sleep mechanisms and techniques

unrefreshing sleep

excessive sleep

worrying at night

sleep apnoea

interrupted sleep


eating disorders

evidence based outcome focussed practice


poor performance

costly mistakes

relationship difficulties

weight gain


clinical assessment

reducing risks due to challenged sleep

sleep management plan

addressing factors impeding sleep




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